Travel Photography

Houston Stanley PhotoGraphics studio is centrally located in Colorado Springs but our Travel Photography assignments have taken us all over the world where we have photographed resorts, islands, vacation spots and many wedding destinations with our visually interpretative style.  Society is so inundated with imagery these days so in order to command attention, great travel photography requires more than a good eye.  Rather one which provides inspiration to see places in a different light and context to romanticize these destinations.

Our personal style enhances any travel idea.  We have developed our own travel photography techniques to draw the server into the scene which is vital, causing the viewer to feel as if he/she is experiencing things firsthand because of the content and mood.  We project our personalized point-of-view which we have found to be refreshing to our audience.  Our backgrounds in fashion photojournalism have inspired a unique narrative approach enabling us to tell a story, illustrating the highlights of a new place or event in our poignant signature style.

At Houston Stanley PhotoGraphics, we have photographed hundreds of weddings all over the country and out of the country.  You might wonder what that has to do with Travel Photography but it has made us very adept at performing under pressure and out of our element; we never know what awaits us.  We have learned to see what’s happening all around us and capture things spontaneously.

Our philosophy at Houston Stanley PhotoGraphics is that successful Travel photography is based on being imaginative but also our assignments involve plenty of research prior to leaving our Colorado Springs studio.  We stand out because we see a different perspective or angle that others have missed.

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