Photojournalistic Photography

From our Colorado Springs studio at Houston Stanley PhotoGraphics, we use our Photojournalistic Photography style to create imagery that has a stronger statement as opposed to merely pleasing pictures.  The outcome of our documentary photography style is the creation of visual imagery as we see it from our backgrounds of Fashion and Fine Art.  The images might not look like they have anything to do with Fashion or fine art but they have an edge to them that makes them unique, not just your standard perspective.

Knowing that particular second in time to freeze in order to make a compelling statement is what we pride ourselves in doing in every area of photography whether it be Business Photography, Fashion Photography, Portraits, or Weddings, everyone says that our images always look right out of a magazine.  Our concentration of Photojournalistic Photography is seen in everything we photograph.

Here at our Colorado Springs office Houston Stanley PhotoGraphics offers innovative Photojournalistic Photography which emanates from our creative backgrounds.  No matter what we photograph, our choice of emphasis allows us to share dramatic impressions to resonate with the viewers.  This enhances all the imagery that we do.

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