Fashion Photography

Our Fashion Photography backgrounds play a significant role in every type of people photography that Houston Stanley PhotoGraphics does out of our Colorado Springs studio.  No matter if we are photographing Executive Portraits, Workplace activity, Weddings, Family Portraits, Senior Portraits, etc., our experience with fashion gives us a unique perspective.  Not only does it lend itself to a flattering approach but also offers a creative edge which commands attention.  We always see things in a compelling way to grab the viewer’s eye.

We cover modeling portfolios, head shots for models and actors, imagery for print advertising, websites and other media.  Personalized projects for actors/actresses are handled on an as need basis.   We know how to direct people in order to produce imagery that is captivating.

We have worked with top modeling agencies for over 20 years.  Regardless if our client is currently in the industry or making an entrance, our experience working in the Fashion Photography market gives us the creative edge.  Knowing current trends and the direction things are moving is vital.

We are well versed in directing models and actors to bring out their best; our team takes control of the session to assure effective results.  Each person is given the utmost care and attention as well as advice on their strengths and weaknesses to help determine what area they are best suited; acting, print advertising, glamour photography, runway or fashion editorial photography, etc.

Houston Stanley PhotoGraphics has found his knowledge in Fashion Photography affects his many other business photography assignments in Colorado Springs.  He can visualize creatively, always seeing something unique to grab the viewer’s eye.  Nobody wants stagnant imagery but something with a little spark to stand out from the rest.  We know how to produce imagery that is compelling.

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