Executive Portraits

Our most popular request for employee photography is the Executive Portrait or Corporate Portraiture also referred to as Company Head Shots or Office Personnel Photography which we do in our studio in Colorado Springs, CO, or we set up our photography studio at your location.  We incorporate our complimentary lighting techniques and flattering angles.  But just as important is to capture the right look in order to convey confidence, honesty and integrity.

We create a comfortable atmosphere having a real knack at making the entire time enjoyable.  We are professional but fun people to work with.  I am able to direct people in a relaxed way to bring out their best.  My partner is an accomplished Fashion Photographer assisting me with styling.  You might wonder what that has to do with Corporate Executive Portraiture.  It makes all the difference in the world to have a stylist helping me on your photography session.  There might be hairs out of place or a collar and she positions people most complimentary which everyone appreciates.  Later the images are taken into Photoshop and enhanced further for a polished result.

Sometimes it is preferred that the executive portraits express more of the essence of certain individuals, reflecting their personal impact and signature on the company… images which tell a story in themselves which are mostly reserved for CEO’s, company owners, company presidents, etc.  For these we might use more of a narrative photojournalistic style which is not as structured and posed but rather more an editorial statement.

So if your company is in need of Executive Portraits, (Company Head Shots,  Employee Photography, Office Personnel Photography) give Houston Stanley PhotoGraphics a call at our photography studio in Colorado Springs, CO, so that we may discuss the details and put together a photography session that works perfectly for you and your company.  We take your promotional photography seriously because each Executive Portrait is very significant as it reflects the character of your company.

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