Product Photography

At Houston Stanley PhotoGraphics in Colorado Springs, Product Photograohy is more than just taking a nice image of a product.  We have developed techniques to empower and enhance an object to take on a life of its own and rise above the typical run-of-the-mill look of things.

Our Product Photography is customized for each project.  For smaller objects we use our light tent for lighting that we have created to wrap around the object.  Outdoor ambient light is required at times to manipulate for certain dramatic effects.  Our lighting techniques result in crystal clarity to each image creating a three-dimensional feel to the viewer that’s hard to resist.  It creates an atmosphere that engages the customer, drawing them to the image.  We know how to create a mood instead of merely documenting a product.

Food Photography – When we have Culinary Photography assignments we use enhancement tricks that appear scrumptious but you wouldn’t want to eat it afterward! Depending on client intent, food and beverages can be the focal point or compliment a scene or setting.

Jewelry Photography – Our tabletop studio is perfect for any jewelry to enhance the brilliance of each piece with our mix of soft and hard lightings. We illuminate faceted gemstones such as diamonds with our laser dazzle effects that add sparkle and fire.

Having a keen sense for marketing, we ask a lot of questions regarding your products to be photographed.  We become familiar with your target audience which helps us to make decisions of how to portray your products and establish the best representation and lay out.

No matter what type of product photography you need, Houston Stanley PhotoGraphics in Colorado Springs will photograph your products to command attention through our lighting and accenting techniques.  These tried and true methods pay off dramatically in sales for you because of the way in which buyers will perceive the quality of your products.

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