Houston Stanley

I find photography exhilarating, rewarding and the best way of promoting any business or individual.  By the same token over the years I’ve realized that bringing the abstract into reality in each project is for the sole purpose of giving the client the best return on their investment.  Taking your vision or idea and making it an effective tool for you to accomplish your goals is how my talents compliment your objective.  I’ve been doing this successfully for over 21 years for one reason; I incorporate the most advanced photographic technology with my natural creative ability, producing the best method to give your company or product effective exposure.

Creating a lasting trademark or footprint for you for years to come is my specialty by taking an existing advertising norm and using innovative measures to move it to the next level through the art of design and creative direction.

Projects involving images of people add the dimension of emotions.  To an artist this is allowing limitless opportunities, very powerful.  Producing the right dynamics for the purpose of the project creates market activity in favor of client intent.

I must confess I incorporate techniques of my partner who is a very artsy fashion photographer.  Blending my commercial instinct with her style in this area has always produced phenomenally
alluring imagery.  I enjoy taking your most introverted person (employee, partner, other) and make them appear as if they stepped right out of a high profile magazine, very rewarding.  This saves you the cost of using professional talent.

No matter how involved your project is, one of the most important things is that the process is comfortable and enjoyable for you each step of the way.

My mission is to move your company or product to the forefront of your audience and have your competition screaming for mercy.

I look forward hearing about your next photographic endeavor…. Houston