Advertising Photography

With regards to Advertising Photography for Brochures, Catalogs, Print Advertising, Trade Journals, Corporate or Annual Reports, our goal is to always create compelling images that communicate top value to your audience with these avenues of strategic influence through our studio in Colorado Springs, CO.

Many times we are photographing the everyday operations, using our photography style and techniques to make what seems ordinary, extraordinary.  We take photographs of the workplace with employees in action using our Photojournalistic Photography style for annual reports, brochures, in-house training programs and websites.  Even though most of our images appear to be done in a spontaneous documentary way, we actually style them to ensure the company image is represented properly.  Clutter and unnecessary items are eliminated in order to reflect a crisp clean streamlined operation.

More attention on specific individuals (such as CEOs, Presidents, etc.) may be needed.  We have quite a history of directing people so that they look and feel professional.  No matter what or who we photograph, our clients always say our images look natural but right out of a magazine which is the desired goal for your Advertising Photography.

We also offer a turnkey Graphic Design Service so that you can have one stop shopping with us to produce your entire printed promotional piece or internet website advertising.  My partner was an art director at an ad agency so we are able to accommodate our clients further by offering full service advertising.  Using our company to be accountable for everything involved makes it so much easier for you to maintain oversight, consistency, budget and timeliness.  You get the benefit of unique and talented experts whom we have found work well together and we are directing every step of the project for you.

Specializing in all these areas of Advertising Photography; Annual Report Photography, Brochure Photography, Catalog Photography, Corporate Report Photography, Print Advertising Photography, Trade Journal Photography is what we do best in Colorado Springs, CO.   By studying your target market, we create the alluring images that will attract the exact clientele that you need to position you far above your competition.

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