Architectural Photography

We have had hundreds of Architectural Photography assignments all over the country which include Interior Photography and Exterior Photography of Hotels, Retail Stores, Factories, Malls, Grocery Stores, Homes, Skyscrapers, Industrial Buildings, Boutiques, Salons, Dentist’s offices, Doctor’s offices, Health Clubs, Bars/Clubs, Restaurants, Funeral Homes, to name a few out of our studio office in Colorado Springs, CO.  Houston’s father was a renown architect with offices in 6 countries so naturally Houston had an affinity for architecture all his life and handled marketing and photography for him.

In all aspects of our Architectural Photography we strengthen the composition by understanding the symmetry of the building and how to use converging lines.  We like to include several angles and lighting selections for each Architectural Photography project.  Framing it in the lens properly provides dynamism and energy, keeping things from looking static.

Our Interior Architectural Photography is known for our golden lighting techniques which produce a welcoming atmosphere.  People are naturally drawn to these images because they give a feeling of warmth, comfort and security.  Transforming the light is one of our specialties.  Interior designers appreciate that we capture the true tone and sheen of their fabrics and decor because there are so many different types of lighting in buildings that dramatically alter the actual colors.

Our Exterior Photography is characterized by creating the precise composition to invite the viewer into the picture.  We use of variety of our custom lenses to control perspective with special equipment to keep the building straight.  Many times we are working in very tight situations because the buildings are right up against one another.  Sometimes we can use distortion for compelling effects depending on the usage and client intent.  Also we research the time of day and the orientation of the sun from different vantage points to capture the desired mood.  Many buildings may be romanced with our architectural night photography techniques.

Some of the most beautiful parts of a structure are the architectural appointments or details.  Depending on the purpose of the images, we enjoy zeroing in on some of these which become works of art in themselves.

So if you need Architectural Photography whether it be Interior Architectural Photography or Exterior Architectural Photography, call Houston Stanley PhotoGraphics at our studio office in Colorado Springs, CO.  We will be happy to give you a quote for your particular Architectural Photography project.

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