Fashion Portrait Photography

Houston Stanley PhotoGraphics in Colorado Springs sets the stage for Fashion Photography Portraits in our studio or on location in our photojournalistic style.  Our unique imagery allows you to see yourself in the most complimentary way.

Everyone begins by telling us that they aren’t photogenic and we always astound them.  We enjoy surprising our customers with results above and beyond their highest expectations.

Houston Stanley PhotoGraphics has worked with top modeling agencies for over 20 years.  Our experience in the Fashion Photography market gives us the creative edge for your personal Fashion Portrait session.  We have developed our own flattering enhancement lighting techniques to capture complimentary angles, define cheek bones and chin lines, as well as refining skin tones, to name a few.  It is vital for us to know current trends and the direction things are moving.  But you don’t need knowledge of the fashion industry to enjoy all the benefits of our fashion photography portrait session.  We are experts in directing individuals for imagery that is captivating.

In our photography studio in Colorado Springs, we introduce a variety of dramatic lighting and other techniques so that you have a diverse collection of images.  Our customers say they have never seen themselves with the looks that we capture through our lenses and creative insight.

Our Fashion Photography backgrounds play a significant role in every type of people photography that we do in Colorado Springs and nationwide.  No matter if we are photographing Executive Portraits, Weddings, Family Portraits, Senior Portraits, etc., we come from a unique perspective.  Not only do our fashion photography backgrounds lend themselves to offer the most flattering effects but we always see things in a compelling way.

Giving you very striking images is our goal and what also tops our list at Houston Stanley PhotoGraphics in Colorado Springs is that you are comfortable and have fun with your Fashion Photography Portrait Session.  We bend and break the rules for an awesome production.  You’re about to see yourself like never before!